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What is Anderson’s In-house Solution?

“Tailor-made training, delivered to you in-house”

Anderson’s In-house Solution are developed through a collaborative effort to define your goals and objectives. Our team of instructors and consultants will have a detailed needs analysis to understand how to address the issues you face. By working closely, we will devise a solution that will deliver your business objectives.

Our network of accredited, highly-experienced instructors and consultants possess a powerful combination of industry know-how, practitioner knowledge and extensive experience in their respective fields of profession, to deliver active learning courses to serve training needs across all industries and key subject areas such as:

We can deliver any of the Public Courses featured on our website as an In-house solution. We can tailor these courses to meet your needs or alternatively we can design and develop bespoke courses based on your business goals, workforce development objectives and practical requirements.

Whether the solution is to customise one of our public courses or to create a completely bespoke course we will ensure that it is delivered to you with up-to-date knowledge of your industry or sector.

How does it work?

“Every company is different and therefore every bespoke course is unique.”

We go through a rigorous process to understand the business context for the course and learning needs of the delegates. This process will be a dialogue between you and Anderson to access specific challenges and desired outcomes, working in close collaboration ensure that you are satisfied with the proposed course content.

Benefits from the Anderson In-house Solution

Cost Effective

An In-House version of one of our training course will be more economical where you have several members of your staff who require specific training. A further advantage is that your staff will not incur the travel costs associated with attending a ‘public’ course.


Anderson’s In-House solution gives you control of the schedule – we understand the value of continuous operation in your business – you choose the start time and duration of the session to suit your needs.


Anderson’s In-House solution provides you the benefit of having the Instructor ‘to yourselves’ for the duration of your In-house Training, at your own premises – the Instructor can ‘confidentially’ answer questions relating to the specific needs of your organization.

Quality Standards

We have a strong network of quality international instructors and consultants, who are all competent in their areas of expertise, and have been assessed through different professional governing and certifying bodies – you are assured to get the best possible learning experience.

In-House Solutions that Anderson has recently delivered

Simplification of Work Procedures

Conducted for a major petroleum company in Bahrain

Course overview: All Business Activities are governed by work procedures. Much Effort is spent on looking how to establish and carry out procedures, and, while this is important, it sometimes overshadows the importance of completing essential works to the right standards

Unique Features of this seminar:

  • A broad overview of procedures relating to process and organisation improvement
  • Focus on the need for clarity and avoidance of ambiguity
  • Hands-on drafting in groups

How to Effectively Manage High Level Meetings

Developed for a Government entity in Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E.

Course overview: Meetings are a very important business activity. However, research suggests that meetings engulf a significant amount of the time we spend at work. Despite their necessity and the costs involved, many meetings are organized by individuals who have other full-time responsibilities and lack the formal training and experience to ensure their successful planning and execution

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Delivered to a key gas company operating in Qatar

Course overview: This two-day workshop is a blend of tutor-led and experiential learning. It identifies the key concepts of creative thinking and problem solving. It gives the delegates a range of versatile and effective techniques, backed up by excellent course notes, which form a valuable reference source for the future. This course is ideal for those seeking new answers to old problems, and those in search of first time solutions to major new problems.

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