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An Unparalleled Learning Solution

ANDERSON center for Executive Education offers a portfolio of courses and seminars developed by academia’s and industry’s most forward-thinking minds. Our Executive Courses help professionals develop the skills and knowledge to embrace change and catalyze success in their respective area of industries.

Executive Education at ANDERSON offers several opportunities for individuals and organizations to build custom educational experiences. A combined team of Executive Staff and an ANDERSON faculty work with our clients one-on-one to identify specific challenges, opportunities and objectives. We then develop and deliver a uniquely tailored course that provides participants with the skills and knowledge needed to empower change in direction and strategy.

Explore our Tailored/Customised Offerings

As leaders in knowledge transfer, we take pride in working with your organisation to understand your specific learning needs, identify knowledge gaps and address the areas requiring improvement. Our courses help organisational teams to sharpen their skills by developing business solutions relevant to today's dynamic business environment. The tools that will be acquired by participants in our courses are the latest in business thinking and trends, and address today's business challenges innovatively.

To help get you started on your customised training, our team will conduct a thorough needs assessment to help determine your best approach to learning. Depending on a company’s or individual’s needs, we’ll tailor current executive education courses offered or create a completely customised course that specifically targets your learning objectives.

Sincere and Effective Engagement of Learning Methods

We use multiple educational methods to teach, tailoring courses to client’s needs, learning styles and objectives. Educational methods range from interactive classroom sessions and case study discussions, to group experiential exercises, industry site visits, executive 1:1 coaching, and real-life team projects.

In all our courses, our Course Directors/Consultants will lead discussions that focus on:

  • Reinforcing Positive intangibles
    Instilling confidence, trust, organisational commitment, openness to change, inspiration to energize executive’s efforts, and spreading leadership throughout the organisation.
  • Invigorating the Big Picture
    Providing the necessary time and space for participants to step back from their daily responsibilities and reflect, think, learn and converse about the issues the company faces as a whole.
  • Fostering Collective Recognition
    Understanding the company’s mission and values, core businesses, key challenges, and promising opportunities, as well as common incentive to further improve the communication of ideas within the business groups and across all functions.
  • Enhance Intercompany Relationships
    Creating professional and personal networks that promote efficiency and transfer of best practices, cross-pollination of ideas, identifying and developing new business opportunities by leveraging shared expertise and promoting a united and fluid work culture.