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ANDERSON is a global provider of learning and development solutions for organisations and individuals. Our programmes are innovative, effective and challenging and have been designed to support personal development and organisational growth.

Human Resource
Seminar Series

Our HR Programmes give expert advice on HR Best Practices, helping you deliver HR performance that develops and enhance your organisation.

Strategy & Planning
Seminar Series

Enable your organisation to cope with the ever-changing business landscape by gaining fresh perspectives and devising new approaches to familiar and unfamiliar challenges.

Management & Leadership
Seminar Series

Our Management training programmes develop essential management skills to help empower you to meet your individual and organisational challenges – now and in the future.

Finance & Accounting
Seminar Series

Gain a strong foundation in the principles and practice of Finance & Accounting and develop global capabilities to become competent to work anywhere in the world.

Sales & Marketing
Seminar Series

Incorporating a carefully planned Marketing campaign can lead to better sales performance, top-of-mind recall, and increased customer satisfaction to win repeat business.

Information Technology
Seminar Series

Our Information and Technology programmes are developed to hone the skills and competencies that raise productivity and enhance employee performance.

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